Youth Sports

Coaches Corner
Volunteer to COACH!
All sports teams, leagues and programs utilize the goodwill and dedication of volunteers.  

Anyone can volunteer to coach a team; however, each volunteer must pass an online background check

once a year, paid by La Gente Youth Sports.  In addition,

 take a free online concussion course/test, and attend the scheduled training classes and meetings.

 Volunteer coaches don't need any specific credentials or qualifications!  

However, it is important that volunteer coaches have a general knowledge of the sport coached

(examples: played in the sport, has coached previously, has an invested interest).  

Practice Times and Place?
All practice times and places are determined by the volunteer coach,

the only requirement is that the times and place in best suitable for the team as a whole.

 It is recommended that practices are held to less than two hours each.  

It is required that practices and times not be canceled without appropriate notice to the teams parents.  

Mandatory Meetings!
Prior to league play, there will be at least one mandatory coaches meeting.  The meeting will be set with a minimum of one week notice, so coaches can be present or have representation attend.  The meetings consist of training topics and rule interpretation.  Coaches have the ability to change league rules for enhancement of the program.  Rule changes must pass with a majority rule.

Background Check!
All coaches are required to obtain an internal background check!  Background checks are done online through the registration account process.  Background checks are good for one (1) calendar year and must be renewed annually.  One background check is good for all sports within the year.  External background checks may be accepted or denied by the Executive Director. 

Concussion Training!
All coaches must take a FREE concussion training course online and pass a short test to be eligible to coach.  A printed copy of the test certificate of completion must be given to La Gente Youth Sports office and kept on file.  The training is mandated by Colorado law!  Links to several free courses: 

ACTive Athletic Concussion Training for Coaches

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

 National Federation of High School Associations

The National Academy of Neuropsychology Foundation (NAN) and National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA)

How to register as a coach?
To register as a coach, first you must set up an account here or use the orange "register/login" tab on the home page.  After creating an account, click on "REGISTER NOW" maroon button on the page.  Then click the button next to your name and follow the directions.  For coaches with kids playing, Please register yourself as a coach first and complete the checkout process before registering your child.  

Once you have registered, it takes up to 24 hours for the staff at LGYS to approve/decline your request.  After approval, your name will show up as team to select for kids registering for the sport.  If you have kids that want to be on your team, they need to set up an account (or use their existing one) and your name will show as team to select from.  

Once you are setup as a coach in the online system, you can log into your account and see a "live" roster as kids join your team.  Using your account, you have contact information for all your participants, and other valuable information.  

Whole team registration?
Whole teams are welcome!  Please email to set up arrangements for whole team registration.